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Curved UI - VR Ready Solution To Bend  Warp Your Canvas! 2.2

要求Unity 5.1.4 或更高版本。
The only true curved user interface system on asset store. Based on uGUI canvas for best compatibility. 
Easy set-up - takes less than 10 seconds!
180 degree Cylindrical mapping to wrap your interface around the player.
Ring mapping to instantly create circular shapes from ordinary assets.
Semisphere mapping for that space helmet feel. 
Perfect for Rift, GearVR, Vive, Cardboard and any other VR headset.
Great in 2D 
Out-of-the-box Gaze Controller.
World Space Mouse Controller included.
Ray Controller for all your handheld pointing device needs.
Dedicated Vive support. 
Dedicated Oculus Touch support. 
Fully interactive from any angle.
Optimized to reduce poly count.
Works on mobile.
Works in Unity Personal Edition.
Comes with a broad selection of small 

需要1金幣 10 積分 ( 如何獲取金幣與積分

立刻下載 充值用戶享受專屬客服服務





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